Leveraging fan economy in Hong Kong to introduce innovative car models supported by media relations


#FutureIsAnAttitude was the global marketing key message of Audi in 2021, with sustainability, digitalization and design at its core. The brand stressed the importance on the transition to sustainable and premium e-mobility with new launches through the year – the confident and emotive e-tron GT quattro and its RS version. Sinclair was appointed to launch the new car models in Hong Kong, ensuring to localise global key messaging for the local community, while connecting with a new audience segment. They key was to highlight the brand’s foray into e-mobility, showcasing its dedication to sustainability, innovation and progression into the future of luxury.


Insight When the 12-member boy band MIRROR announced its concert in 2021 on social media, the ‘fan economy’ had already officially become a new business model for consumer brands in Hong Kong.

Strategy Created a circle of engagement based on the ‘fan economy’ trend as Audi invited local car-lover and member of MIRROR boy band, Ian Chan to be a spokesperson of the brand. Online and offline engagement ensured to build buzz and credibility of the brand in the local market, and with a new audience.

Storytelling Built a narrative for Audi that encompassed key messaging of e-mobility, reinforcing Audi’s creative innovations and growing reputation as a premium car manufacturer.

Localise Adapted global messaging of the fully electronic model and weaved in local touchpoints, including a local car-loving storyteller, to ensure content is more appealing for the Hong Kong community and car buyers.

Engage Invited automobile and lifestyle media to attend the preview of the innovative model launch with the presence of a celebrity to secure photoshoots and boost exposure. Facilitated candid conversations and connected the client with media through dedicated luncheon.

Influence Leveraged reputation of up-and-rising artiste Ian Chan, member of boy group MIRROR, to create social engagement and word of mouth about the brand.

media joined the launch event and media luncheon
stories in local and regional publications
+266 million
reached across print, online and social media publications and platforms
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