Building a strong narrative for Asia’s first ‘artisinal home’ concept


Build international presence

K11 ARTUS, Asia’s first ‘artisanal home’ concept and the residences for global cultural creatives, opened in June 2019. Sinclair was secured in September 2019 to help raise awareness for the brand and ensure understanding for the unique concept across global markets.

Masterminded by Adrian Cheng, K11 ARTUS is an ultra-private, ultra-luxury residential experience that inspires cultural discovery and intellectual exchanges. K11 ARTUS combines the word “Art” and the Latin term “Domus”, meaning “home”, to create a luxurious living space that seamlessly blends with unique and stimulating art pieces. It is a complete reinvention of luxury living for an international audience.

The key challenge was to reach the desired target audiences around the world, driving desire to visit and stay at K11 ARTUS when in Hong Kong.


Insight With multiple messages shared about  K11 ARTUS, an entirely new residential experience in Asia, prior to opening, there was still lack of understanding amongst the media and public about what exactly K11 ARTUS was.

Narrative Developed strong key messages to ensure sound understanding of the unique living concept. The narrative and messaging was tweaked to resonate with the different target audiences in different parts of the world. 

Strategy A strong press release that announced the official opening of K11 ARTUS and fully introducing the concept and offering clearly, was distributed to relevant media in multiple markets. Press releases were accompanied by targeted and tailored pitching angles.

Engage Select top tier media from high profile national and international publications were invited to stay at K11 ARTUS, resulting in in-depth reviews across a variety of media beats in different target markets.

Events To generate greater understanding for K11 ARTUS and introduce the brand and concept in a fun and engaging way, media events were hosted, each of which was targeted to engage the beat the media covered, for example arts, dining, and travel.


+260 million
through local and international publications and influencers
across highly selective luxury lifestyle and travel publications, over the course of 4 months
Media + KOL Trial Stays / Visits
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