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Vita Coco

Building a segment 

Vita Coco is the world’s leading coconut water brand, originally introduced in New York in 2004 and now one of the most popular natural beverages in the world. Leading the Hong Kong market launch in 2016, Sinclair was appointed to position Vita Coco as a playful, friendly and cheeky must-drink brand in a market already saturated with established competitors, and to an audience with little awareness of the benefits of coconut water. Educating and expanding the segment was critical.


An integrated campaign to educate the public and expand the segment through experiential activations, brand partnerships and media engagements.

Thought Leadership
Announced Vita Coco’s launch with entrepreneur interviews and hosted exclusive media luncheon with founder Michael Kirban.

Two dynamic campaigns to showcase the brand and educate the public: Vita Coco Boat Delivery to beach-goers and Via Coco Natural Hydration Lab.

Forged powerful collaborations with like-minded brands and media publications to convey messages of fitness, fashion and empowerment to build the segment in the athleisure and wellness market.

Gifted media and influencers with personalised crates of coconut water.

feature stories and mentions locally
growth in engagement over the summer period
  • Trending social media about the campaign owing to influence engagement
  • Feature stories in Cosmopolitan, Headline Daily, Esquire, Jessica, HKET, HKEJ and Bloomberg
  • Established relationships with  local brands such as Regina Miracle, Iris Festival, Grassroots Pantry, Metta, Grana and The Yoga Room
  • Facilitated media collaborations with CosmoBody, ELLE and Eat and Travel Weekly
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