Positioning a Hong Kong lifestyle brand as a leader in technology and innovation

Pure Group

Adding clarity to a concept

Hong Kong’s leading premium wellness lifestyle brand, Pure Group, launched Innovation Lab as part of Pure Fitness in 2017 to emphasise its innovation within the wellness industry. The Innovation Lab gives Pure cardholders a chance to test out the latest equipment on the market, and decide on which products should be introduced permanently in studios. Our challenge was to launch and generate a clear understanding of the concept which isn’t a single physical space, but different product testing hubs stationed across Pure Fitness locations for a limited time. We also had the challenge of positioning a new face and spokesperson to media as Pure’s official ‘techspert’ in wellness innovation.


A media outreach campaign to focus on clarity of the concept, highlighting ‘first-to-market’ position and creating a wider conversation about fitness and wellness innovation, with Pure at the centre.

Developed clear fact sheets and press materials to provide clarity on the concept.

Executed an official media launch to give media a chance to experience the concept and meet new spokespeople. Also arranged one-on-one hostings for media to fully test and experience the equipment as cardholders would.

Thought Leadership
Arranged for strategic media interviews with ‘techspert’ spokesperson in order to lend credibility and drive thought leadership around the initiative.

media at Pure Fitness Innovation Lab activities
feature stories including interviews with Pure spokespeople
+7 million
reached through local and international publications
  • Regional and local coverage positioning Pure Fitness as the place for Hongkongers to explore new realms of wellness
  • Media visits resulted in two social media videos going viral: SCMP with 390k views and PC Market with 9k views
  • Ezone and TVB used Pure Fitness as an example of the future direction of the fitness industry
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