Duck & Waffle: Localising an international brand in Hong Kong

Duck & Waffle

Localising an international brand in Hong Kong 

Duck & Waffle had a lot of attention prior to opening in Hong Kong, it’s first international location outside of London. The critically acclaimed restaurant serves up British cuisine with broad European influences – sometimes traditional, always playful.

Our key priority was to shape the brand positioning of the concept and sustain the buzz and excitement after the opening period in Hong Kong’s competitive dining scene. The key challenge was to distinguish Duck & Waffle Hong Kong from its London location while also celebrating the brand’s signature dishes.


Strategy Showcase the creative and inventive dishes and drinks while creating talking points around the Duck & Waffle experience.

Storytelling Develop messaging and storylines that highlight Duck & Waffle as the ‘place to be’ in Hong Kong.

Localise Highlight dishes and drinks that are exclusive to the Hong Kong location.

Engage Personally host media and KOLs to experience exclusive dishes and signature dishes & cocktails at Duck & Waffle Hong Kong.

stories in local and regional publications within 6 months
+500 million
reached through local and regional publications within 6 months
media and KOLs joined hosting / photoshoot within 6 months
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