Building reputation for Hong Kong’s construction industry through an integrated PR approach

Construction Industry Council

The ‘Construction Manpower Forecast’ report released by Construction Industry Council (CIC) forecasted that the mismatch in supply and demand at the levels of professionals, technicians, site supervisory personnel and construction workers would be 5-15% in 2023 and 15-20% in 2027. This forecast highlighted the industry’s need for new talent.

In light of this report, the Development Bureau (DEVB) and CIC launched the ‘Design for Future Build for Life’ campaign, the first industry-wide promotional campaign for the construction industry. It aimed to gather industry leaders and stakeholders to promote the industry with events, community engagements and integrated promotions to attract next-gen talent to study construction-related courses and join the industry upon graduation.

As lead agency, Sinclair’s role was to demonstrate the strength of Hong Kong’s construction industry through several integrated PR approaches and drive discussions on attracting talent for the future.


Insight The construction industry is known for providing better compensation packages in comparison to other professional sectors to talent with various degree qualifications, however the supply of talent continues to drop.

Strategy Leveraged the influence of DEVB and CIC in the construction industry to deliver key messages to target audiences via integrated platforms including community events, OOH advertisement and installation, new social media platforms and strategic earned and paid media placements. Thematic campaign taglines and creatives were developed to enhance storytelling.

Engage Developed a series of events that communicated campaign key messages and engaged community members, industry stakeholders, local media and students. Over 150 leading construction industry players were invited to show their support during the launch event.

Community Invited and engaged professional institutions to participate in a video that focused on promoting the industry. Invited 100+ local primary school students to join talks and understand more about the role construction plays in Hong Kong and how technology plays a key part.

Partnership Media partnerships guaranteed impactful editorial features which effectively included the campaign’s key messages.

Stakeholder Management Managed Task Group Committee with representatives from 30+ industrial organisations to host meetings for regular campaign updates.

Construction Industry Council campaign launch
attendees at events related to the campaign
media engagement
stakeholders managed across event series
icon reach
+500 million
reach via earned channels with over 50 pieces of coverage across local media publications
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