Nathan Li

Nathan Li


Nathan brings brands to life from Sinclair’s Shanghai hub, with a focus on the luxury, hospitality, F&B and lifestyle sectors. His expertise and charm wins the hearts of media and clients alike. He navigates the KOL landscape with ease, ensuring that clients are connected with the right personalities at the right time and creating powerful, lasting connections.

A master of language, he is not only good at talking but also a fantastic writer. Be it a press release or an attractive WeChat push, Nathan always has the words to make it work. With experience both brand side and in agency environments, Nathan understands the dynamic and importance of partnership and collaboration.

Nathan graduated from Shanghai International Studies University with a degree in Germanic Languages and Literature. He is fluent in Mandarin, Shanghainese and English, with knowledge of German, Japanese and Cantonese.

My favourite cuisine is…
 “Hotpot for sure!”

I’ve always wanted to travel to… “New York. I would love to experience the fastest pace life in the world.”

The thing I love about my job is… “That it offers me the chance to communicate with different people all the time.”


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Nathan Li Nathan Li · 16 Oct 2020
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