Reinforcing corporate brand leadership through strategic partnerships and hybrid event marketing


Reinforce industry leadership through strategic partnership

Tricor Hong Kong (Tricor) is one of the leading business expansion specialists in Asia. The company operates commercial professional services, ranging from business advisory, IPO registration & consultation, to corporate administration and financial reporting. ​​

In July 2020, Tricor officially announced the launch of SPOT, Hong Kong first’s and only full-function platform that enables electronic general meetings, as well as the strategic partnership with industry leaders, including 3 Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, Microsoft Hong Kong and TFI. Tricor aims to enhance corporate branding by strengthening their association with technology and smart city development. 


Strategy Curated a hybrid press conference to announce the launch of SPOT, Hong Kong first and only eAGM solution and strategic partnership with industry leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Storytelling Developed strong narratives addressing current marketing situation and trends, and ensured consistent communications about the launch of SPOT as well as the strategic partnership that brings leading experts from technology, telecommunications, education and more together. 

Thought Leadership Engaged and prepared spokespersons to deliver speeches on behalf of the company sharing on company’s vision and mission, as well as interviews with top tier business media for pre-event interviews. 

Technology Leveraged livestream tools to conduct a hybrid conference, allowing signatories to participate online, while key stakeholders and media to join online in consideration of COVID-19. 

Crisis Management Prepared event management protocol to adapt to ever-changing COVID-19 development, which included hygiene measures, guests handling guidelines, and contingency plans.

Stakeholder Management Engaged and communicated with key stakeholders and VIPs to manage their needs and expectations during the event planning and preparation process to implementation on event day. 

media joined the press conference virtually​
+75 million
through local publications​
pre-event executive interviews arranged with local publications​
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