Latin American art comes to Hong Kong

Puerta Roja

Sinclair was commissioned to position Hong Kong art gallery Puerta Roja as the door to contemporary Latin art and objets d’art in Asia, bringing a new approach to enjoying and acquiring works of art by exploring the links between Latin and Asian cultures, interactive experiences and exploring and appreciating alternative art media.


  • Focused the core messaging on the exchange of culture being linked to economic ties, thus expanding the story to the business pages
    Educated the public on Latin American art and its value by targeting mainstream Hong Kongers through arts and culture-related stories in the media
  • Pitched and secured inclusion of Puerta Roja in event calendars of reputable daily newspapers, weekly magazines and monthly magazines
Puerta Roja
  • +30 feature stories in news, business, lifestyle and art sections, including South China Morning Post, KEE magazine, Hong Kong Economic Times and Jmen
  • Some of the city’s most avid art lovers attended the opening event
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