Redefining the narrative surrounding mental health in Hong Kong

Mind Hong Kong (Mind HK)

Overcome the mental health stigma in HK

Of the one in seven with a common mood disorder in Hong Kong, three-quarters do not seek professional help. The social unrest across Hong Kong in 2019 further confounded this already desperate situation. 

Mind HK is on a mission to change this. Mind HK addresses mental health problems in the city by providing online support, training programmes, public service awareness campaigns and collaborative research. Using global best practice to empower and equip anyone experiencing a mental health problem with the resources they need, Mind HK is leading the way with the support and resources that are so greatly needed. Sinclair was appointed in October 2017 as Integrated PR Partner to assist with reaching out to the local Hong Kong community as mental health is perceived as a taboo subject in the city.


Insight Mental health is perceived as a taboo subject in Hong Kong, meaning people feel uncomfortable speaking about their own mental health issues and their feelings – to friends, family and colleagues. 

Narrative Positioned Mind HK as a leading voice in times of need such as during the protests and COVID-19 by engaging local media to share Mind HK’s knowledge and tips, educating the public on ways to reduce anxiety and stress.

Strategy Drove brand awareness for Mind HK and educated the Hong Kong community about the importance of looking after their mental health through impactful campaigns and media & influencer engagement. 

Engage Cultivated strong long-term relationships with media locally and internationally as they are key in helping educate the Hong Kong community correctly about mental health. Engaged the media through storytelling that comes from our campaigns, research, and relevant cultural events and happenings.

Campaigns & Trainings Utilised key calendar moments such as World Mental Health Day (WMHD) to create powerful campaigns, as well as Mind HK activations and trainings, to engage people and encourage conversation on the importance of mental health.

+2.8 billion
through local and international publications and influencers
across lifestyle, health and news publications, from Oct 2017-Mar 2020
from Oct 2017 - Dec 2020
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