Launching Hong Kong’s first fitness foundry for children through 360˚ PR amidst the COVID-19 pandemic


Educating Hongkongers on the importance of early childhood physical training

Launched in 2020, AlphaStep is first-in-Hong Kong fitness foundry concept developed specially for children and teenager aged 3-17. AlphaStep aims at educating everyone the importance of early childhood physical training, as well as helping to establish positive lifelong habits.

Under the alarming situation of lacking emphasis on children’s fitness in Hong Kong, and physical education at schools significantly lower than WHO’s recommendation, Sinclair was challenged to introduce the brand new concept during the ever evolving restrictions due to COVID-19, while changing public’s perception that gyms are for adults and children prefer sports or playgrounds. The key was to educate locals on the concept of professional early childhood physical training through tailored programmes.


Strategy Crafted a 3-pronged approach that started with building awareness prior to launch to generate excitement, launched events to fully introduce the concept and educate the target audience, and finally sustained the buzz through an on-going conversation across traditional and social media, and digital channels.

Storytelling Developed strong narratives to ensure consistent communication about the brand launch, highlighting the idea behind the fitness foundry concept and linked all press material and communications back to the brand’s core values.

Event Curated a media event with experience sessions available for participants to introduce the novel concept, attended by key local parenting and education media.

Thought Leadership Identified, engaged and prepared AlphaStep’s spokespersons, including the founders and head coach, to take part in media interviews on behalf of the brand to demonstrate its industry leading image and knowledge

Amplification Drove conversion and awareness through influencers engagement programme, bringing traffic to brand’s channels, including hotline, website, social media and the foundry.

Sustain Continued the conversation and momentum through on-going engaging social media posts, and regular updates about AlphaStep’s insights, offerings and seasonal activities.

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stories across print, TV and online
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