Launching a cultural-retail destination through narrative-driven media and influencer engagement


Shaping positive conversations 

Hong Kong’s Silicon Valley of Culture, ​K11 MUSEA, the world’s new cultural-retail destination opened its doors in August 2019. Founder of K11 Group, Adrian Cheng, joined forces with 100 Creative Powers to usher in a new era of cultural-retail and realise a ten-year dream. The destination introduced an immersive experience created for the evolving nature of consumer habits and preferences, and was set to welcome Hong Kong shoppers and international visitors alike to a never-before-seen cultural-retail concept. Opening at a time of social unrest, shaping the right conversation and maintaining reputation had never been more important. Sinclair was appointed to introduce the new concept and reinforce K11 MUSEA’s leadership role as a cultural-retail destination online and offline.


Storytelling Crafted a compelling narrative around K11 MUSEA’s unique blend of cutting-edge design and various cultural offerings, reinforcing its positioning as the Silicon Valley of Culture of Hong Kong.

Thought Leadership Introduced a never-seen-before cultural-retail concept to the Hong Kong market through key spokespersons and the 100 Creative Powers. 

Engage Devised a strategic yet flexible media engagement plan with specific tactics and a very targeted media list. Organised exclusive events, previews and activations alongside bite-size stories for media across F&B, lifestyle, fashion & beauty, art and cultures and design, to create touchpoints with the target audience that have an interest in the finer things in life and that are inspired by various publication beats.

Insight and Monitoring Closely monitored the sentiment in the market and adopted a flexible approach to develop activations that shaped relevant conversations that matched the rapidly changing social situation.

in top-tier media targets, highlighting K11 MUSEA as the “Silicon Valley of Culture”
+2.7 billion​
across local media publications from May 2019 – Feb 2020​
at exclusive previews, events and other strategically planned activations​
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