Launching a swimwear brand for mothers

Aurein Swim

To launch an online swimwear brand, Aurein Swim, and establish the founder, Angel Tsang, as a female entrepreneur who puts mothers’ needs first.

  • Crafted an intimate launch event with Angel to introduce the brand to media. Real mums and Angel’s family were invited to come, helping to position Angel as a passionate startup founder and devoted mother demonstrating the core brand value of ‘a mother for mothers’.
  • Provided brand-appropriate models for media photography sessions
  • Invited media for one-on-one personal fitting experiences with Angel to highlight the brand’s caring and personal touch
  • Gifted swimsuits to editors and KOLs, with focus on targeting editors who are mothers themselves
  • Pitched interviews with Angel to establish her profile and identity with a focus on profile-building feature stories
high-profile features and media mentions for the three-month project
pieces sold within 2 months after launch
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