Positioning a Hong Kong athleisure brand

Regina Miracle

Regina Miracle is a Hong-Kong based lifestyle lingerie brand with over 20 stores in the market. Riding on the ‘athleisure’ trend, the brand geared up to launch a new line of sports bras, underwear and pants in Spring 2016. The key challenge was to position Regina Miracle as a fun and fashionable must-buy brand in a market already saturated with established competitors.

  • Created two experiential campaigns to educate media and KOLs about the new line
  • Forged powerful brand collaborations to convey our message of fitness, fashion and empowerment
  • Invited targeted Chinese and English Media to ‘bounce’ test Regina Miracle’s new line of sports bras at a trendy Hong Kong gym
  • Treated media to a personalised sports bra fitting, trampoline workout and complimentary hair styling and gift bags post-workout to emphasise the brand’s focus on fashion and lifestyle
  • Sponsored instructors at the popular BounceLimit gym to wear Regina Miracle – adding credibility and boosting brand visibility
  • Furthered Regina Miracle’s partnerships by inviting KOLs to an intimate workshop, complete with bra fittings and education points about the brand, encouraging social media shares and increasing visibility
  • Established valuable relationships between Regina Miracle and local brands focused on the same messages of confidence, fitness and beauty
  • Significant KOL brand engagement on social media, spreading awareness and generating visibility for the brand
  • +80 features in multiple publications read by Regina Miracle’s target market, including Cosmo Body, The Loop, Liv Magazine and She.com

Awards won
Marketing Magazine PR Awards 2016 – Best Use of Budget (Silver)

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