Introducing a new music school to the Hong Kong market through integrated PR

Aureus Academy

Build awareness for a new brand in the market, differentiating it from competitors

Founded in 2013, Aureus Academy is a leading Singapore music school established by Lawrence and Julius Holmefjord-Sarabi. In 2019, Aureus Academy expanded its business to Hong Kong and opened three centres located at Island Resort Mall, Citywalk and Olympian City, introducing a technology-driven music education approach to the Hong Kong market and offering lessons that cater to the needs of individual students.

Sinclair was challenged to differentiate Aureus Academy’s offerings from existing music education providers in the market, build brand awareness and thought leadership in the sector, and drive class enrollment.


Strategy Crafted a three-pronged approach that built recognition by highlighting Aureus Academy as the fastest growing music school in the APAC region, and sustained the buzz by identifying and riding on industry trends to highlight Aureus Academy’s unique features. A Facebook advertising strategy was implemented to drive sales and new leads.

Storytelling Developed narratives that highlighted the brand’s USP’s and ensured consistent communication about Aureus Academy in Hong Kong across all communication touchpoints.

Digital Leveraged brand awareness and generated conversion through an ad campaign on Facebook, so as to bring traffic to Aureus Academy’s website, social media channels and Hong Kong centres.

Thought Leadership Engaged and prepared Aureus Academy’s founders and teachers to take part in Hong Kong-style media interviews, speaking about the Academy as well as commenting on the music education industry and providing unique insights about the sector.

stories were generated in local publications during a 6 month period
increase in Aureus’s monthly lead rate
+4 million
across print, online and social media channels
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