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Science Education for Kids

Raising the interests for science education

Science Education for Kids (SEK) by Chinese Academy of Science Qiyuan organises the annual Chinese Science Education Summit in order to maximise exposure and foster interest for science education with Chinese kids. 

Sinclair collaborated with SEK for two years to help them achieve their goals via integrated PR activities. The key was to maximise exposure and create interest for science education by highlighting the success of professionals from related fields at the Chinese Science Education for Kids Summit 2019 and 2020.


Storytelling As the summit includes content that isn’t always easily digestible by the general public, Sinclair helped to create bite-sized messaging that is better showcased when highlighting the success of businessmen and women in related fields. 

Strategy Crafted brand messaging and tailored story angles to strategically communicate the essence of the summit to key media titles through media relations, thought leadership and on-site media engagement. 

Engage Invited media to the summit to gain a full picture of SEK, including their vision, mission and community network. Personalised messaging was ensured as a professional PR staff from Sinclair accompanied each media 1-1, to highlight core messages of the summit. 

Thought Leadership Most spokespeople at the summit were scholars and successful professionals from related industries, making them perfect interviewees for media. During the interview pitching period, we created targeting questions not only make sure the key information of SEK was included but so that there would be attractive content for public consumption via media channels.

senior reporters and KOLs participated SEK2019 & 2020 ​
1.9 billion​
through media and influencer channels​
in-depth video & written interviews were conducted ​
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