Establishing brand presence for a properties group through social media

Henderson Land

Known as one of Hong Kong’s biggest property developers, Henderson Land aims to strengthen its brand image towards a broader audience, especially the young elites in Hong Kong, through Instagram.

Launched in April 2021, Henderson Land’s Instagram used to focus on building brand awareness through award-winning projects and numerical facts. To resonate with young elites in town and reach wider audience, Sinclair was appointed to revamp the social media content strategy with the support of advertising campaigns, showcasing brand’s core values through creative content and storytelling.


Henderson Land is well-perceived as a leading property developer in Hong Kong with a formal and professional image. Its social media started in a more corporate tone and is now ready to move to a more engaging one.

Our strategy revitalised the communication for Henderson Land to remain down-to-earth and positioned their Instagram as the hub of inspiration, aiming to grow the online community with a heavy focus on young elites in the city.

Developed key messages that highlighted the core values of Henderson Land, including People-centricity, Sustainability and Innovation.

Used different content angles, such as people stories, arts and culture, neighbourhood and trends, to tell stories for Henderson Land and its key projects.

Utilised trending content formats such as Instagram stories, IG filters and short videos to boost user’s interactions and engagement. Weekly interactive IG stories, giveaways and thematic ‘H is for Henderson’ campaigns to keep audience informed and engaged.

Used advertising campaigns to increase reach, engagement, video views, profile visits and follows from targeted audiences at the lowest cost possible.

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