Cross-generational travel to South Australia

South Australian Tourism Commission

The South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) aimed to grow brand awareness and traveller interest in the family market segment. Their local Facebook and marketing efforts had ceased activity in 2014. The organisation wished to re-engage the market with a strong digital and influencer-led campaign that would position South Australia as a perfect holiday destination.

  • Hosted Hong Kong celebrity Cheuk Wan Chi “G” and her grandmother in South Australia in April 2016
  • Produced a series of online videos released in early May on the star’s Facebook page, online and on YouTube to share her adventures and third party endorsements with Hong Kong travellers
  • Suggested a partnership with local travel agency Premium Holidays to directly induce travel to South Australia off the back of the promotion
  • Leveraged influencer relationships to reach target markets, educating Hong Kongers about the incredible experiences on offer in South Australia
  • Utilised digital mechanisms such as Google and Facebook Ads to encourage the story to go viral
  • Linked social media campaign to a micro-site allowing Hong Kongers to play a game for the chance to win a trip to South Australia
video views across YouTube and Facebook
social media engagements
views of the campaign microsite

Awards won

  • Marketing Magazine PR Awards 2016 – Best Influencer Strategy (Silver)
  • Marketing Excellence Award 2016 – Excellence in Travel & Hospitality Marketing
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