Building relevance and top-of-mind awareness for a 360˚ lifestyle brand in Hong Kong

Pure Group

Maintain relevance and excitement for all Pure Group brands, strengthening the 360˚ lifestyle message

Hong Kong’s leading premium lifestyle brand, Pure Group which includes Pure Yoga, Pure Fitness, Pure Apparel and nood food, is dedicated to helping people lead a happier, balanced 360˚ lifestyle. Over a three year period Sinclair was challenged with raising and maintaining awareness for all four brands within the group tying each together with the Groups overarching positioning. Our challenge was to ensure that excitement remained prevalent whilst competition from boutique gyms and studios with unique wellness offerings boomed in the Hong Kong market, as well as a surge in independent healthy cafes and stylish apparel brands.


Demonstrated 360˚ capabilities of Pure Groups offerings, often combining nood food and Pure Apparel with Pure Yoga or Pure Fitness news, media meets and events.

Positioned Pure Group as Hong Kong’s largest lifestyle brand with unique insights into the wellness industry in Hong Kong and Asia, with Asia’s industry leading professionals working for the brand.

Thought Leadership
Arranged for strategic media interviews with the Head of Nutrition, leading yoga instructors and senior PT’s in order to demonstrate Pure Group’s expertise. Targeted business interviews, pitching Pure Group’s Founder and their Head of Marketing.

Held a variety of media events, tours, one-to-one classes and trials, and product seeding.

Partnered with influencers that support a healthy lifestyle, seeding them items from Pure Apparel collections, inviting them to eat at nood food, and welcoming them to trial classes.

Executed a number of campaigns, such as the Pure Power Pack social campaign, the collaboration between Pure Yoga and Cathay Pacific, and nood food’s Eggless Easter.

media at 14 Pure Group’s events
feature stories in print, online and social media
+371 million
reached through local and international publications
  • Overall coverage from print, online, broadcast and social generated either a positive or neutral sentiment
  • Continued to position Pure Group as supporting people achieve a balanced 360˚ lifestyle
  • Grew awareness for nood food’s vegan and vegetarian offering; and Pure Apparel’s seasonal collections
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