Stephen Millikin - COO Sinclair

Stephen Millikin

Chief Operating Officer

With over 25 years of experience across Hong Kong, North America and EMEA, Stephen is a widely respected industry leader who has developed integrated communications strategies for some of the biggest consumer brands in the world. Having held executive positions both in-house and agency-side, Stephen has a keen understanding of the business side of the communications industry, which informs his solutions-oriented approach and successful track record of driving growth across industry and sector.

Stephen is a naturally creative and curious professional who always brings exciting ideas to the table. At Sinclair, he provides leadership and strategic oversight of Sinclair’s growing operations in the region.

Stephen studied communications at the University of San Francisco, is an expert communicator in his native English, and is learning Cantonese.


I find my inspiration from… “My daughters, especially the way they think so freely without preconceptions. I try to model this every day.”

My guilty pleasure is… “Having my coffee beans shipped in from New York City. Caffeine and memories all in one cup!”

The best campaign I have worked on is… “The launch of Steinway & Sons’ Spirio. It brought together my luxury experience and passion for the arts in a way that one rarely experiences.”


Four puzzle pieces fit together, representing the necessity of DEI in fostering great workplaces

Bringing DEI to life through employee communications

With so many companies focused on proudly showcasing their commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) externally, there’s one audience that holds unparalleled potential for driving growth and success: our own employees.

Stephen Millikin - COO Sinclair Stephen Millikin · 20 Oct 2023

The re-emergence of self: how we have changed the world around us

At this time last year, much was written about how life and business had been changed as a result of the pandemic.  We had hopes for a return to our pre-pandemic lives; a state of normalcy that would allow us to gather, travel, dine, and shop as we had in the past, but with brands […]

Stephen Millikin - COO Sinclair Stephen Millikin · 16 Dec 2021

Employee Engagement in the Time of Isolation

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to impact economies worldwide, many companies have taken extraordinary steps to protect their financial and physical assets. But when a significant portion of the workforce is working remotely to comply with governmental guidelines, one asset, perhaps the most important, is often overlooked and left in jeopardy—talent.

Stephen Millikin - COO Sinclair Stephen Millikin · 18 May 2020
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