Sai Roshini Daswani

Director – Client Strategy, APAC

Sai has a flair for making great ideas come to life. In addition to her management role as agency leader of the Singapore hub, she does everything from media relations to reputation strategy, event management to influencer marketing. Personable and bubbly, Sai uses her natural creativity and people skills to drive Sinclair’s growth in the region.

A core member of Sinclair’s leadership team, Sai joined the agency in 2012 and has created cross-market collaborations, developed training programmes and cultivated numerous client relationships while working across key corporate, consumer, luxury and lifestyle accounts. Her breadth of experience, both in clientele and PR integrations, means that Sai knows how to deliver clear communications initiatives with a deep comprehension of, and an intent focus on, reinforcing business objectives. Sai personifies the idea of grace under fire, and has proven her abilities in not just moments of calm but in planning, developing and implementing crisis communications strategies. Solutions-focused and multi-skilled across the integrated PR spectrum, Sai applies a composed approach to everything she does.

Taiwan-born and Hong Kong-raised, Sai has a marketing degree from Lancaster University. She is fluent in English and Hindi and proficient in French and Cantonese.


I am curious about… “What makes a person tick. You will often hear me ask, ‘What motivates you? How did you get here? What do you want to be remembered for?’”

I find my inspiration from… “Being around colleagues, family and friends that push me to do better and learn something new every day.”

The advice I would give to someone thinking about working in PR is… “Be a sponge. Study your environment, company culture, colleagues and clients.”


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