Rachel Zhou

Rachel Zhou


Rachel is an integrated PR specialist with a wide scope of communications skills that bring brands recognition and success across China. Her consumer focus in the lifestyle, family, fashion and luxury sectors has seen her garner a WeChat contact list of the top media and KOLs.

With an international outlook, Rachel has rich overseas experience as a PR professional, having worked in London and New York City before moving to Shanghai. Rachel enjoys experiencing different cultures, and her journeys have seen her travel to nearly 20 countries. She loves travel and photography, and believes that travel can turn anyone into a storyteller. It’s certainly worked for her!

Rachel graduated from Southampton University with a Master’s degree in Fashion Management. Born in China, she is fluent in Mandarin and English, with knowledge of Spanish.

My hidden talent is…
 “Drawing – I started learning in kindergarten so my mum wouldn’t push me to play the piano! I enjoy doing still-life watercolours and pencil sketching people, because they teach me patience and to pay more attention when observing the world around me.”

I’ve always wanted to travel to… “The South Pole for an amazing adventure. One of my dreams is to visit every single country on Earth – the fact that not many people go to the South Pole makes me want to go there even more.”

My favourite cuisine is… “Hotpot. It’s the best way to gather friends together. We can sit around the table for hours, sharing food and stories.”


The big dilemma facing luxury brands in China right now - Rachel Zhou Sinclair featured image

The big dilemma luxury brands in China are facing right now

Luxury brands in China are at a fork in the road. Rachel Zhou explains.

Rachel Zhou Rachel Zhou · 6 Nov 2018
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