Nikki McLucas Sinclair

Nikki McLucas

Senior Manager

A creative thinker with a passion for driving communications for global consumer and technology brands, Nikki has an international outlook and positive character that leads her to craft engaging strategy that creates buzz. Deeply committed to an integrated approach to communications, Nikki’s out-of-the-box ideas get people talking.

Nikki is passionate about travel and cross-cultural experiences, and draws on these interactions to tailor her approach to PR. Born and raised in Scotland, Nikki has studied in the U.S, travelled across Europe, and worked in London before moving to Hong Kong. She has experience working in communications and marketing for tech start-ups and global consumer brands with dedication and passion.

Nikki graduated from Fairfield University, USA, in 2014, after spending all four years on a hockey and academic scholarship, with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media Studies. A powerful communicator in her native English, Nikki also speaks conversational Spanish.


On the weekend, you usually find me… “Hitting a hockey ball around a field, at the beach topping up my Scottish tan, or at one of the many local bars in Sheung Wan with a G&T”

I am curious about… “Technology. I love how it’s constantly advancing and that without it, businesses wouldn’t be able to create the results customers demand”

If I had a superpower, it would be… “Definitely teleportation! That way I could teleport back to Scotland for cuddles with Poppy, my boxer dog (and favourite family member!)”


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