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Eleanor Porter

Associate Director - Strategy

Elly is a communications natural with a quick smile and a quicker mind, whose bold ideas create powerful impact. Elly’s passion for her work across consumer and corporate brands inspires partnership, and she devises strategy for Greater China that ensures both brand relevance and engagement.

Elly began her career in London, held leadership roles in Hong Kong and now lives in Shanghai. This has given her in-depth knowledge of the cultural and media landscapes across Europe and Asia, uniquely placing her to consult foreign brands on how to resonate with a Mainland Chinese audience, as well as positioning Chinese companies for recognition in wider Asia and the West.

The China team lead for Sinclair Arts, Elly has worked with leading Art and Culture brands including Art Basel across its three geographical editions, the Venice Biennale and a range of commercial galleries, as well as for a number of public and private museums. She has a particular interest helping corporate clients develop meaningful, relevant arts initiatives.

Elly is a graduate of History from Nottingham University and is an accomplished classical musician with specialist knowledge of choral music and opera. She speaks fluent English and continues to develop her Mandarin skills.

I’m curious about…
“Absolutely everything! If I don’t know something, I compulsively have to find out more. I’m not sure if it’s to do with ‘knowledge is power’ so much as me just being very nosey. Either way, it’s given me a suitably embarrassing internet browsing history!”

In the office, I’m known for… “My selection of ugly rucksacks. I’m passionate about my cycling commute and good weight distribution across my back, so this really is a no-brainer for me, much to the horror of some of my colleagues.”

My favourite cuisine is… “Chinese. My mother is Malaysian-Chinese so I was culinarily spoiled rotten as a child. Living in Shanghai has done nothing to curb my appetite. I’m all about spice, so Sichuan and Hunan are the ones for me.”


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