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Adrian Lo


Adrian is a curious foodie and a corporate PR wiz who brings his smile and natural positivity to create impact for clients. A communications chameleon, Adrian is passionate about his work, always eager to help clients meet their objectives. Along the way, he creates lasting relationships.

With three years as a features writer at one of Hong Kong’s largest media publications under his belt, he crossed the tracks to become a PR pro, honing his skills across consumer and technology brands while further exploring his passion for F&B.

A Hong Kong native, Adrian holds a degree in East and Southeast Asian Studies from City University of Hong Kong. He is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

My favourite cuisine is…
“Mexican – who doesn’t love guac?”

In the office, I’m known for… “Being the restaurant manager, feeding everyone until they’re full.”

I find my inspiration in… “Road trip movies, where life is all about the stories encountered along the journey.”


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