15 Feb 2018

Welcome home: Sinclair unveils new Hong Kong hub

Sinclair Hong Kong new hub - hero image

Sinclair has unveiled its new Hong Kong workspace, designed to foster creativity and collaboration. The investment reflects Sinclair’s reputation as an agency dedicated to people, creativity and results. Located at 299QRC in the city’s creative hub of Sheung Wan, the 4,500 sq ft space was custom-designed by JJA Bespoke Architecture.

On the new space, Kiri Sinclair, Founder and Managing Director, says: “If we are asking the team to think differently, we need to take the lead and act differently. Our team first culture places team members at the centre of the agency model, allowing them the platform they need to drive their careers. This develops dedicated, happy professionals who focus their energies on achieving the objectives of our clients. We wish to set a standard for the industry by breaking down the walls of the old agency model and refocusing on the people – the core of every agency.”

Sinclair Hong Kong new hub1

The new workspace comes just months after the agency launched its new brand identity and follows an incredible year of growth which also saw significant new hires and a diversifying client portfolio. With a team of nearly 40 integrated public relations and digital experts across Greater China, Sinclair’s dedication to its team results in a strong employee retention rate that equates to stability for clients.

Sinclair’s new workspace encourages creativity and collaboration among colleagues, key pillars of Sinclair’s core values. Occupying a full floor of 299QRC, the agency’s creative spirit is projected upon exiting the elevator, with the length of elevator lobby wall adorned with a vivid, hand-painted mural by artist Dustin Holmes. The mural depicts Hong Kong’s flora and fauna with the Sinclair brand colour palette.

Sinclair Hong Kong new hub2

The open-plan workspace design fosters connectivity and interaction and reflects the transparency and non-hierarchical nature of the agency culture. The design incorporates spacious communal tables, seamlessly integrated break-out zones and a variety of meeting spaces, with the pantry boasting a hot table for BYO lunch gatherings.

A sense of freshness and calm is instilled in the space through a colour scheme anchored by natural wood and white timber. The natural tones are punctuated with tiled feature walls that echo the Sinclair brand identity, as well as greenery throughout that serves to distinguish between different zones in the open-plan environment. Natural light is also a key feature of the design. The layout of the space was guided by a Fung Shui master.

Sinclair Hong Kong new hub3

Kevin Lam, Executive Director, says: “Our new Hong Kong home inspires our team of curious, creative PR professionals. Reflective of both our past success and the agency we are becoming, our new workspace at 299QRC will set us up for continued growth.”

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