2 Aug 2019

#Sinclair10 – An Open Letter from our Founder & CEO Kiri Sinclair

Thank you to our colleagues, clients and partners – past and present – for growing with us. We wouldn’t be the agency we are today without the people who have trusted us with their careers and their business success.

Growing up


In 2009, I decided to brave it all and start my own agency. I felt that there was a need for an integrated solution to brand communications, and created an offering that brought together PR, marketing, social and digital services. I believed that, powered by the right individuals, this integrated philosophy had the ability to bring great stories to life and drive meaningful results for our clients in what was then the new age of cross-channel communications.

Feeling strongly that an agency is only as good as the people within, I focused on building a team of creative individuals and empowered them through supporting their career growth and passions. That many of our clients, especially in those early years, saw us as an extension of their own team is testament to the talent and character of my colleagues over the years.

Fast forward a decade and we are now a team of over 50 with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. Our clients span from local champions to global brands, from startups to government agencies. Our work crosses consumer and corporate remits and we have developed experience across a diverse range of industries and sectors. This year saw us launch Sinclair Arts, our arts and culture specialist team made up of cultural communications experts who sit within the wider Sinclair team. We remain a fully integrated agency, developing unified strategic communications across channels and markets, always centered on local insight, global perspectives and authentic storytelling.

Our team first values have resulted in a loyal and dedicated crew of professionals who inspire each other, our clients and their audiences every day. As I take this opportunity to look back it is with immense pride at the work we have done as a team. From driving visitation to the world’s premier travel destinations, leading award-winning influencer campaigns across Greater China, and driving social commerce for FMCG and beauty brands to launching many firsts in the world of art and cultural, our team has inspired me every step of the way.

Looking ahead, Sinclair’s continued growth is dependent on delivering real business impact to our clients. With this in mind, we ensure that we are constantly in-the-know about the latest developments and trends. After all, the best work is built on insights, so we invest our time and resources to ensure we are always a step ahead.

The last decade has been one of great change for the communications and PR industry, and within this environment Sinclair has thrived. We deliberately structured the agency without silos from the outset and it is because of that we have been able to continually grow not only the team but our service offering as well. The authentic storytelling we grew a reputation for as a PR agency is now seen playing through the social, digital and experiential work we do on behalf of our clients and our integrated approach has positioned us alongside specialist and international agencies.

As we look to Sinclair’s next 10 years, I would like to thank everyone who has been a part – either big or small – of this incredible journey. I am humbled and inspired by what we have accomplished and can’t wait to see where we go from here.

Reflections & learnings


In closing, I thought I’d share few key learnings from a decade of building and growing an agency:

1. Team First: Respect is the foundation of every relationship. I view my relationship with colleagues as a partnership, based on the idea that we are in this together and mutually wish to succeed. I have learnt to empower the team to take responsibility and be brave in their creativity, while reminding them that failure is a step towards success. This support helps them drive their careers forward, which in turn drives our agency forward.

2. Client partnerships: At Sinclair, we cultivate and nurture client relationships, viewing ourselves as an extension of their team. From strategic council to informal advice, we strive alongside our clients to achieve their goals together.

3. Celebrate achievements – big and small: Recognition is important, both at a team level and on an individual level. I love to celebrate the small things, as it is the small things are the foundations of true success.

4. Be brave: Client’s come to Sinclair for our creativity, expertise and local knowledge. To lead the market, we have to think outside the box and challenge perspectives – and sometimes that includes our challenging of the client brief.

5. Collaborate to win: Playing with others and being open to work in agile teams with the client has multiple benefits, and not just for the campaign outcome. It opens us up to learn new tricks, gain insights and understand different points of view. Also, its fun!

6. Have a mindset of agility and flexibility: In our fast-moving age, time is the most important asset. Being agile allows us to change direction quickly. Being flexible means we have a willingness to change and modify alongside market conditions.

7. Actively support our industry/profession: Personally, I do this through being an active member in industry orgaisations such as Marketing Society and PRHK where we aim to grow the reputation of our profession and through supporting the next generation through giving lectures at universities whenever asked.

8. Give back to the community: To me, being of service to my community is not optional but rather a gift that I can give myself and my team. The return on investment is that warm feeling you get inside when you know that you are doing the right thing to support the people around you. The pride in the faces and hearts of my team members proves this!

9. Ask juniors to mentor you: The next generation is the future of our industry, and I find their unique perspectives both motivating and inspiring. It helps me get out of my own media bubble and frame of mind by listening and learning from my youngest colleagues.

10. Integrity: Act with integrity in all that you do. Integrity is the foundation of reputation and success.


Kiri Sinclair

Founder & CEO

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