14 Sep 2022

OATSIDE launches in Hong Kong

Three cartons of OATSIDE oat milk sit on a table

There’s a new milk on the block: OATSIDE. Plant milk lovers across Hong Kong are rejoicing as Asia’s first “full-stack” oat milk brand has finally arrived in the coffee-and-tea-loving metropolis.

Developed amidst the pandemic by Singaporean Benedict Lim, OATSIDE has cut out all the ‘nasties’ and is focused on sourcing high-quality, Rainforest-Alliance-certified ingredients and using recyclable paperboard packaging from Forest Stewardship Council-certified sources. Just like its ingredients list, the carton design is simple and straightforward, making it extremely easy to identify on supermarket shelves.

“We’ve worked really hard to develop a plant-based milk for Asia that doesn’t feel like a compromise on quality, taste, or texture. We hope to contribute to a growing stable of plant-based products where picking the sustainable option no longer tastes of ‘doing your part,’” said Benedict Lim, Founder and CEO of OATSIDE.

The company is bringing three hero products to Hong Kong:

OATSIDE Barista Blend’s creaminess gives body to coffees and teas while staying neutral enough to allow the natural notes of the beverage to shine through. The Barista Blend creates beautiful microfoam when steamed for latte art – no small feat for plant-based milk!

OATSIDE Chocolate is a dark, rich and complex blend with no added flavours, twice the cocoa and half the sugar of most regular chocolate milk. It is made with a 100% Rainforest Alliance certified blend of Indonesian-African cacao beans.

OATSIDE Chocolate Hazelnut is liquid ‘gianduja’ – velvety smooth, with intense notes of dark-roasted hazelnuts. It contains no added flavours, relying instead on a heavier dose of 100% Rainforest-Alliance certified and sustainably-sourced dark-roasted hazelnuts from Turkey.

Hongkongers can find their three mouth-watering varieties of oat milk in select Wellcome stores, APITA, UNY and HKTV Mall Online. For coffee lovers, the Barista Blend is the oat milk of choice at Arabica and Flash Coffee, and is rolling out at other coffee shops across the city over the next few months.

It’s creamy, malty, sustainable and delicious. Come join the OATSIDE – it’s the better side.

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