14 Dec 2021

Miele Cat&Dog Series welcomes the Boost CX1, an all-new bagless vacuum cleaner

Miele, the world’s leading premium purveyor of domestic appliances from Germany, has introduced its new bagless vacuum cleaner, Boost CX1, to their popular Cat&Dog series. Boost CX1 Cat&Dog aims to improve the quality of life of households with kids and pets through innovation and flexibility.

Boost CX1 Cat&Dog is the third member of the series, a bagless vacuum cleaner with compact design and high performance. Strengths of the device include the TrackDrive design, equipped with large wheels on the sides that provide performance tracking stability making it easy to use. Alongside the Vortex Technology, the device can generate a powerful air flow that ensures coarse and fine dust are collected impeccably.

The innovative bagless Boost CX1 Cat&Dog features an HEPA AirClean filter, which can catch 99.95% of 0.3 micrometres of fine dust and allergens. Striking a balance between efficiency and environmental protection, the HEPA AirClean filter has a Timestrip® that indicates users when it needs to be changed so as to minimise waste. Miele’s Turbobrush available on every Cat&Dog model is a rotating roller brush which gets activated by the air drawn through the head, limiting dirt and effectively removing deeply embedded hair, be it on upholstery or carpets. The bagless design also allows users to empty the dust container at any time with the simple Click2Open design to release the dirt. Curated with automotive precision in mind, Boost CX1’s TrackDrive design ensures agility in modern housing environments, operating smoothly in the narrowest spaces.

Boost CX1 is designed with a three-staged filtration system, ensuring hygienic yet efficient dust disposal that results in cleaner air exhaustion. The first layer comes with Vortex technology that generates a high airflow rate of over 100 km/h, a considerable rate that picks-up and separates the most unnoticeable bits of dust while offering a first-class cleaning experience. The second layer features replaceable double-layered filter that separates fine dust particles.

Miele has over 90 years of professional floor care expertise. Their products go through a strict endurance test, with durability at the epicentre. Boost CX1 has passed 750 hours of durability tests, which is equivalent to 20 years of usage for 45 minutes of usage per week. Although new to the range, with its compact body design and efficient performance, Boost CX1 has already earned prestigious recognition, having been awarded winner of Red Dot Product Design Award 2021.

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