22 Sep 2022

McDonald’s Hong Kong announces plans to reduce plastic waste

Baby Shark, Aaron Kwok and McDonald's Hong Kong CEO Randy Hui on stage at the launch event

McDonald’s Hong Kong has announced it is phasing out plastic cutlery across all McDonald’s restaurants and McCafés, replacing them with wooden spoons, forks and knives.

McDonald’s is making change where it matters. In a move aimed to boost the company’s sustainability, McDonald’s Hong Kong will no longer provide plastic spoons, forks, knives or cutlery bags at its restaurants and cafés. This milestone achievement follows the success of their ‘Say Bye to Straws’ campaign in 2021, which removed plastic straws from all iced drinks and replaced them with strawless cup lids. McDonald’s estimates the change to wooden cutlery will cease the production of nearly 100 million pieces of plastic per year.

Speaking at their Hung Hom Station restaurant, Randy Lai, CEO of McDonald’s Hong Kong, said, “McDonald’s has been a part of Hong Kong’s social fabric for the past 47 years. Over the years, we have been incorporating sustainability concepts in our business strategy and operations to contribute to a greener planet. This year, we are proud to achieve another sustainability milestone by switching to wooden cutlery at all McDonald’s restaurants and McCafés.”

Joining Randy at the event was the company’s green ambassador, Aaron Kwok, and Pinkfong’s Baby Shark. The pair were there to share their latest collaboration: a catchy tune that celebrates plastic reduction for the betterment of our seas. McDonald’s also worked with Baby Shark to launch a brand-new series of Happy Meal storybooks that aim to educate the next generation on sustainability and build environmental awareness from a young age.

Since its establishment in Hong Kong 47 years ago, McDonald’s has continually enhanced its sustainable development and green operations. This plan to reduce plastic waste further demonstrates McDonald’s commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment. Like Randy said: “By encouraging our customers to practice green living and make small changes every day, we go the extra mile to protect the environment with our customers.”

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