19 May 2022

KEF introduces ground-breaking LS60 Wireless floorstanding speaker

In celebration of KEF’s 60th anniversary, the leading audio speaker brand has launched the LS60 Wireless: a distinctive, stylish, and modern floorstanding speaker which promises to deliver superlative acoustic performance to all audiophiles. Committed to bringing superior listening experiences to all types of sound connoisseurs, the LS60 Wireless is KEF’s vision of high-fidelity for the future, where its impossibly slim design enhances its room placement adaptability yet doesn’t discount on the powerful, rich, and full-bodied sound that escapes this exceptional loudspeaker.


As pioneers in the audio industry, KEF’s LS60 Wireless is the world’s first Single Apparent Source wireless system. The unique technology is adapted from the brand’s flagship Blade speaker in which it aims to achieve the acoustic ideal of a point source where low, mid and high frequencies radiate from one point. This comes as a result of KEF’s 60 years of acoustic innovation, where the brand has developed and combined their key technologies to create this unique celebration product.


The speaker promises powerful sound with smart connectivity, where users can easily connect to the loudspeaker to deliver robust, high-quality streaming using any format they wish. The platform provides the choice, connectivity, and control that is the bedrock of un-rivalled user experience.


Not only does the LS60 Wireless produce amazing quality sound – it looks amazing, as well. The floorstanding speaker is available in three elegant matte finishes: Titanium Grey, Mineral White and Royal Blue. This colour scheme is designed to fulfil two types of approach to interior design. Titanium Grey and Mineral white are made to be integrated and blended into various spaces while Royal Blue, a more striking finish, is perfect for people who are determined to make a statement.


As part of the product launch, a special event at KEF Music Gallery allows guests to embark on a unique and immersive audio journey featuring works by author Haruku Murakami and hosted by popular local novelist Louis Miha.

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