18 Aug 2020

K11 ARTUS Celebrates One Year in Hong Kong With a HK$1 Million Donation to K11 Craft & Guild Foundation

K11 ARTUS, the ultra-luxury, ultra-private residence masterminded by Adrian Cheng, has raised HK$1 Million for K11 Craft & Guild Foundation. The substantial donation derives from K11 ARTUS’s commitment to donate one percent of annual room revenue to the foundation, all of which has been raised within one year of opening.

Founded by Adrian Cheng, K11 Craft & Guild Foundation is a registered charity of arts and culture in Hong Kong. It is Asia’s first creative platform for cultural contemplation that focuses on conserving and rejuvenating fast-disappearing Chinese craftsmanship to create a craft ecosystem with sustainable social impact. By Creating Shared Value to bring crafts, businesses and society together, the foundation makes crafts more accessible to the community, educates the public with research initiatives and curates collaborations with artisans, aiming to bridge the gap between culture and economy.

As Asia’s first luxury residences with a social mission to preserve and promote fast-disappearing artisanship, K11 ARTUS has had a unique partnership with K11 Craft & Guild Foundation since launching in July 2019. The residence features traditional Chinese artisanal objects, many of which date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties, which are handpicked and curated by K11 Craft & Guild Foundation. Residents have the opportunity to purchase the artisanal objects displayed, with proceeds going back to the charity to support its research and educational initiatives. Over the past year, K11 ARTUS has also collaborated with the foundation for the residences debut exhibition Curious Wonders, as well as talks, workshops and live demonstrations. Together K11 ARTUS and K11 Craft & Guild Foundation create shared value with the community and contribute to a craft ecosystem with sustainable social impact.

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