31 Mar 2022

IWG to add 1,000 locations globally to meet demand for hybrid work

As the demand for hybrid work increases, IWG, the world’s leading provider of flexible workspaces with brands including Regus and Spaces, is planning to expand its global network by more than 1,000 new locations in 2022.


IWG has continued to grow over the past year, where it opened 287 new centres globally between 2020 and 2021, and added over two million new customers to its global network in 2021 alone. This increase in customers is partly due to its strategy of operating near-to-home centres in commuter areas along with prestige locations in metropolitan zones. 83% of the Fortune 500 are now amongst IWG’s global customer base.


Research conducted by IWG also showed a surge in demand for hybrid working, where almost half the number of office workers surveyed said they would quit their job if they were asked to return to the office five days a week (post-Covid), whilst three quarters of workers would prefer to work flexibly long-term instead of going back to the office five days a week, with a ten percent pay rise.


Many businesses around the world are recognising this trend amongst their employees, and thus changing their mind-sets towards the traditional office footprint and realising the benefits of flexible working, opting for flexible office space to accommodate the needs of their workers. IWG have also been increasingly focused on growing their network through suburban locations, putting workspace solutions in the heart of local communities, where 77 percent of employees prefer to work somewhere closer to home.


IWG’s anticipated 1,000 additional locations can expect to utilise similar strategies according to research, where the unprecedented increase in demand for hybrid working also recently enabled IWG to add several brands to its portfolio including the female-focused co-working business The Wing in the US, and Copernico in Italy. The company also launched a new retail-based office-space concept ‘OpenDesks’ which has a more open plan environment, and will continue to invest in first-class technology to ensure all workers have the right tools and opportunities to fulfil their talents.



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