15 Mar 2021

Croucher Science Week invites the next generation to engage virtually in scientific exploration

How often have we heard “trust the science” over the last year?  Introducing Croucher Science Week, an educational online science event that gets kids and teens excited about scientific explorations with a wide-range of fascinating free programmes.

Jointly organised by the Croucher Foundation, The Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Science Museum, Croucher Science Week is taking place from 22 March to 30 April 2021 with the aim of raising science literacy and bridging the gap between renowned scientists and the younger generation. Through a wide range of school and public programmes, the virtual event is inclusive of live science shows, interactive explorations, hands-on demonstrations, outdoor tours and talks.

Public events are hosted from 27 March to 11 April. The series of activities are designed to inspire the next generation of scientists with a deeper understanding of science and the world through an action-packed programme tailor-made for public engagement. Some of the greatest science performers in the world are making the subject interactive and fun with an array of exhilarating science shows and activities. All events are free and available for registration via the event website. Programming for schools will continue until the end of the month.

Croucher Science Week brings together the greatest talents in science from around the world to capture new audiences with fascinating scientific discoveries. This year, the Royal Institution of Great Britain, an independent charity that has brought science to the masses for over 200 years, is connecting people with the world of science through events and educational videos. In addition to overseas experts, the programmes feature Croucher Scholars, home-grown Hong Kong scientists that conduct cutting-edge research, who will be sharing their enthusiasm for science with the next generation.

Adapting to the new normal, Croucher Science Week hopes to nurture curiosity and encourage the younger generation to develop a sense of relevance to science in daily lives through this year’s virtual educational event.



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