20 Apr 2021

AlphaStep launches Hong Kong’s first integrated fitness foundry concept for children


Inspired by professional physical education for children around the world, AlphaStep introduces Hong Kong’s first integrated fitness foundry concept designed to enhance the fundamental physical development of children and teenagers aged 3-17.

AlpahStep has designed and opened a 6,000 square foot space in Tseung Kwan O fitted with an array of international standard certified equipment. They are offering 20+ individual courses, across seven childhood physical development categories which include Foundational, Ninja Warrior, Mind & Body, Strength & Conditioning, Sport Specific, Parent-child, and Play & Learn. AlphaStep uses top-level training tools, such as ninja warrior, which tackle the key aspects of fitness, co-ordination, and flexibility, in an exciting obstacle-based format. Varied difficulty level options ensure that the foundry is an environment where children find maximum enjoyment. In addition to individual courses, AlphaStep offers group activities as well as corporate events.

Early childhood physical development is a crucial window of opportunity to set the foundation for one’s future success in sports as well as daily living. The fitness foundry is a place of moulding children’s fundamental basics, such as agility, strength, co-ordination, and endurance, by taking a holistic approach and incorporating both physical aspects of the body, as well as the mind. While world experts have agreed that exercise has proven to boost children’s academic prowess, the existing fitness standards for children in Hong Kong are alarming. AlphaStep bridges this gap through engaging, systematic training that provides a solution for the deep rooted issue. The foundry aims to make physical activity an integral part of every child’s day, creating positive lifelong habits that will remain with them forever, enabling them to unleash their full potential.

AlphaStep’s training team is a passionate group of professional physical training coaches, children-training experts and innovators, dedicated to improving the health and fitness of children in Hong Kong, and tackling the insufficient physical education standards at schools. Backed by various sports and physical education experience, the team identifies children’s goals and customises their programmes, while maintaining a fun culture with a diversified functional training service.

Learn more about AlphaStep’s innovative approach to children’s training at www.alphastep.com.hk. Stay tuned for more information about AlphaStep on Facebook (@AlphaStepHK) and Instagram (@alphastephk).

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