23 Jan 2020

A Fresh Start: Let’s focus on doing good this Golden Rat Year


The Year of the Rat represents the beginning of a new zodiac cycle and, coinciding with the beginning of a new decade, gives us the opportunity to restart, refresh and reinvigorate our purpose.

Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate with our loved ones. It is a time to eat too much, to pay our respects to our elders, and to rejoice in the achievements of the next generation. Amidst all of the festivities, it is also a time to reflect on the year gone by.

It’s a good time to contemplate our core values and if we are living up to our own standards of what we consider is right and good. Taking that thought further to our professional lives, it is then worth considering if our work is contributing to the common good. Are we doing all that we can in our professions and our companies, as well as with the brands and stakeholders that we work with, to create positive steps towards the future that we hope for? If not, what else can we do, as humans, to contribute to a kinder, more caring and loving way of life? Because ‘not doing bad’ is no longer enough.

I am one of those people that truly believes that every single person can create positive change in the world. And more than that, I believe that it is our responsibility to do so.

I also trust that, as Zen master Kouno Taistu said and is depicted in a framed print on my office wall, When I change the whole world changes. I understand this to mean that through reflection on my past actions, I can change my perspective and future behaviour, and that my changes have the power to influence others, until in time personal change becomes global change. This is what makes life so exciting, refreshing and challenging.

As I consider the New Year ahead, I do so with a renewed dedication to kindness; being kind in every encounter, to working for good in my profession, my company and my community, and to fostering passion and happiness whenever I can.

Join me, because together we can make a real difference.

May the Year of the Rat be a healthy, happy and peaceful one for you and your loved ones.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!


Kiri Sinclair

Founder & CEO

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