What makes a quality blogger event?

29 Jun 2016
Kevin Lam

These days, the digital arena is the most important battlefield in the commercial world. Lifestyle brands that create and implement a powerful digital strategy can draw in huge revenues and distinguish themselves from their competitors. As most target audiences are online, CEOs, startups and SME business owners are asking us “how does one win over the market on digital platforms?”

One answer is to increase social media engagement through influential blogger activations and experiences. As a professional PR agency it’s our role to act as gatekeeper for the brand and to educate the client as to which quality bloggers and online KOLs are influential in Asia, and can really be described as change agents amongst the target audience.

Once a relevant list of prospective bloggers has been put together we reach out to them with an invitation to a brand-appropriate experience. Here’s some top tips from my experience creating well-received blogger events:

Check them out
Before shortlisting bloggers, take a look at their Facebook, Instagram, Weibo and other social media platforms to consider their potential to make messaging go viral.

Dig deeper
Consider more than the number of fans a KOL has. It is very easy to get fake fans, so pay attention to the engagement rate including the number of likes and comments on each post.

The art of expression
Reflect on the writing style of the blogger in question and their target audience. Some of them can draw a lot of likes and fans, but it doesn’t mean that they are the right fit for your brand.

All in the timing
Most online influencers are not full-time bloggers, so schedule blogger events in the evening. I find that anytime after 7pm is best for Hong Kong bloggers, for instance.

Actively like or follow the bloggers’ social accounts to keep up-to-date as to their current circumstances – and also to know if they covered your event. They are not traditional media paid by a third party and so do not update you as to if and when they write about your brand.

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