We influence strategically

7 Sep 2017


At Sinclair, we influence through a strategic approach to integrated public relations that is focused on organisational or business objectives.

Strategy should be planned, calculated, deliberate, clever and well thought out. To be successful, communications strategy should be closely aligned with business strategy to reach outcomes that have business-level impact. From launch to anticipating what comes next, our strategies build brand reputation through clear positioning and messaging, finding relevant insights from data, developing emotive narratives and driving thought leadership.

Here’s a taste of how we think when creating strategic public relations for our clients:

Desired outcomes: Setting real objectives
Without a clear understanding of where we want to go, it’s unlikely we will get there — never mind be able to measure our success. That’s why we set a very clear definition from the outset of what the PR programme is being created to achieve. We ask clients what their dream results are — in terms of communications outcomes and business outcomes. Why exactly are they investing in Integrated PR? When setting objectives, we make sure each one is measurable and that we have the tools in place to measure as we go so that we can tweak our campaigns as needed.

Target audiences: Motivations and emotions
This is an often overlooked or over generalised aspect of PR, and one that we at Sinclair don’t take for granted. We clearly define exactly who we want to communicate with, understanding each individual target audience segment and their connection to the brand. We know that the better defined and understood each target audience segment is, the more likely the PR programme will create the desired impact within set budgets. So, we get specific. When building PR strategy, we use data and insights to understand what motivates each audience segment, how to touch their emotional needs – and the specific tactics that will reach and engage them.

Influencing action: To KOL or not to KOL
Celebrity or business leader, newspaper or social media, word-of-mouth or community engagement – understanding what or who is going to motivate the target audience to take action is key to building a winning strategy.

Why now: The importance of timing
Timing is essential. We need to be able to answer the question, why now?  Often, this can become the hook around the call-to-action to strengthen the relevance to an audience.

The big idea: Creativity in strategy
Bringing our creativity to strategy development, we consider what we now know and use this to develop a creative approach to bring the PR programme together.

Storytelling: Words, images and video
Creating a strong message takes skill, and that’s where storytelling comes into strategy.  In just a few powerfully curated words, images and/or video, a story needs to attract interest, position a brand against competitors, showcase unique selling points, honour brand personality and create a call-to-action. We know that persuasive storytelling done right creates business impact.

Consistent omni-channel communications: Getting the mix right
At Sinclair, we know that Integrated PR creates the strongest strategy. Our omni-channel approach understands that people now move seamlessly across communications channels — from magazines, to social media, to the brand website, to conversations with friends — without blinking. With this in mind, we create PR programmes that are consistent across channels so that no matter where the target audience sees the message, they are brought into the storytelling naturally. We curate this across aspects of earned, shared, owned and paid channels, combining PR, social media, digital marketing and experiential communications, as is appropriate to reach the objectives and audience of a specific PR programme. We then create channel-specific content for the best results.

Sinclair: We influence strategically
We craft PR strategy to create influence on behalf of our clients, helping them reach their business objectives. With research, insights and a deep well of experience, our team takes pride in our creative and bold approach to developing comprehensive strategies to ensure brands are strong, understood, and retain their character and personality at every touch point. At Sinclair, we influence strategically.

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