Want to grow your Instagram following? Here are three expert tips

24 Aug 2015

“How do I gain more followers on Instagram?”

Ask any social media manager or influencer and they’ll concur that it’s probably the question they get asked the most. So, how does one get more fans?

Cherchez le creneau – Find your niche

Look at the people Instagram follow, also known as Suggested Users, and you’ll notice a trend – they’re all masters of one theme. Whether it’s architecture, cityscapes, fashion, portraits, or another category, these users have decided on going down one route. If you’re a foodie, take food pictures from a perspective that separates you from the millions of other #foodporn images. If you love the outdoors, capture images creatively because over time you’ll grow a group of followers that will recognise your images instantly and share it with their friends.

Want to grow your Instagram following? Here are three expert tips - Instagram Abdela
Photo: @abdela


Engage, engage and engage!
You’ll have heard this word, no doubt. Instagram puts a huge emphasis on building a community so it won’t come as a surprise to learn that one of their main hashtags is #communityfirst. What does this mean? Get involved in the weekend hashtag projects (WHPs), and attend meet-ups (Instameets) in your locality. Follow people, respond to comments, and – it should go without saying – be an all-round friendly person that anyone can approach when they visit your neighbourhood.

Instagram WHP

Put your best foot forward
Always share your best images. You don’t need a fancy, top of the range camera – the majority of photos that we see on social media have been compressed and optimised for mobile devices. With a bit of help from apps like VSCO and Snapseed, you can make your photos stand out and eventually gain the recognition you deserve.

All you need to remember are the 3 C’s – creativity, consistency and community.

By Kay Kulkarni

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