Sinclair’s Roaring Lions

26 Jul 2021
Burton Leung

Earlier this year we (Monika Marczuk and Burton Leung) were named Hong Kong’s Young PR Lions. Organised by PRHK, the Hong Kong edition of the Young Lions PR competition challenges young PR professionals to respond to a brief from a local NGO in a creative way. Being recognised as the Hong Kong winners serves as a testament to our hard work and dedication to creating an out-of-the-box campaign idea. The competition did not only challenge us to adopt a concise approach, it also pushed us to showcase our uniqueness.

As Hong Kong’s winning team for 2021, we were given the opportunity to attend and represent Hong Kong at the Young Lions Competition at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, where the next generation of creative PR stars go head-to-head. PR professionals all under the age of 30 from across the world gathered in teams to develop a creative proposal for a non-for-profit organisation, representing their country on the global stage. The Cannes Young Lions competition was the ultimate test to our creativity and ability to work under pressure, challenging us as a team of two to create an integrated marketing proposal for an organisation we were previously not too familiar with, putting all of our skills to the test in a limited amount of time.

The Cannes Young Lions competition is an annual event. It is hugely rewarding and mind stimulating, but as you can imagine, the competition comes with challenges. For those interested entering in the future, here are a few of our top tips to help you succeed:


  1. Understand the situation

This competition is not only about developing a creative integrated marketing campaign, it is also one aimed at finding solutions to actual problems. Before going into specifics, it is important to first identify the relevant qualitative and quantitative elements, understanding key insights and the objectives.


  1. Trust your teammate

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. To succeed, you must respect your teammate and trust their judgement. Creativity is very personal and ideas may differ amongst members. The best outcomes derive from collaboration, clarifying and refining ideas instead of dismissing parts of others’ work. As such, the goal is to agree on the best possible choice and synergise the ideas you believe in. Throughout the competition, we focused on our individual strengths while improving our collaborative skills.


  1. Stay on track

We were only given 24 hours from receiving the brief to submitting our proposal – this required time management, quick thinking and attention to detail. Given the tight deadline in which to come up with the big idea and to complete the whole presentation deck, it can become pretty chaotic. Making a checklist to schedule every step allows you to keep track on progress. This also helps to avoid feeling stressed out, especially as you can celebrate each time a task is ticked off the list.


  1. Go crazy!

Showcase your creativity by immersing yourself into various scenarios!

Winning the Hong Kong Young Lions PR competition was not plain sailing. Being challenged to develop an integrated marketing campaign for an unfamiliar audience on an unfamiliar topic challenged us in ways we would never have imagined. Yet, we braved these obstacles thanks to our resilient team spirit. The sense of accomplishment after creating a campaign we felt passionate about has been hugely rewarding.


Sinclair is dedicated to nurturing the careers of its team members. To discuss opportunities at Sinclair, your needs for an integrated marketing proposal, or to speak about our Work For Good programme, please get in touch here.

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