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14 Sep 2017
Kevin Lam


Creativity can be found at every step of the integrated PR journey. As an integrated communications agency bringing together PR, social media, digital and experiential marketing, the team at Sinclair understands that creativity is the cornerstone that creates impact. We explore unique and interesting brand storylines that will attract the target audience, with the objective of creating influence both online and offline. As a result, we activate a call-to-action in the short term and drive brand loyalty in the long run.

Market sense
Why do we see what other don’t when exploring ideas? Because we have a true understanding of the market. Creativity doesn’t come from nowhere, but rather from understanding, research and experience. Through our proactive engagement with consumers, involvement in the trade and leadership at industry level, we have an in depth understanding of local, regional and global trends. Consumer behaviour is top of mind, and the contextual background we use to create solid ideas.

Understanding culture
In the age of market 3.0, the consumer-brand relationship is more than just the market trend; cultural identity is the key to establishing brand loyalty. Sinclair has a team that works across language, culture and mindset, enabling us to find that unique localised twist that ensures we strike a balance between local cultural and unique brand identity.

Relevance with sustainability
On social media platforms, there are many so called ‘creative’ ideas, but many are irrelevant. If the likes, shares and engagement are not from the key target audience, or not relevant to the brand identity, how can the spend be justified? At Sinclair, we devise creativity with strong reasoning and relevance to the brand’s communications programme, and with a long-term plan in mind of how it fits into the bigger picture.

Executable plan
Creativity is the start, not the end – a big idea goes nowhere without the right action. Our creative ideas are delivered to the audience through strong execution. Our experience and knowledge across PR, social media, digital and experiential allows us to tailor-make creative ideas into powerful strategy that we implement across channels. We know that execution is as important as creativity itself, otherwise the idea is just that, an idea.

Visually and verbally
In the mobile and digital-led era, being visually impactful is everything. Our team consists of multimedia designers, creative writers and video storytellers who ensure that our messages are delivered with the most powerful words and images, presenting a seamless creative story both verbally and visually.

We influence creatively
An influential idea is about understanding the market segment, cultural context and local nuances, and executing the idea effectively. It’s not all about budget (although more is of course better).  We aim to uncover creativity for our brand partners, and make it a reality. We influence the target audience creatively with a relevant and sustainable touch.

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