Putting people first: Sinclair’s values and culture

4 May 2016

I wear many hats in my role as Director at Sinclair. One of my key priorities is to foster the best possible working environment, so that the goals of both the colleagues and the agency can be achieved. I do this through nurturing a company culture that is based on our core values: Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Creativity.

As an Integrated PR agency, we have a diverse team – both in skill set and in cultural background. It certainly makes for interesting brainstorming sessions! We place great emphasis on the value of team work, believing that no single person can succeed on their own. Our team is our key asset.

Here are a few factors that make the Sinclair agency culture really stand out:

Collaborative by design
We designed our office to be open plan with flexible meeting spaces and common areas. This encourages a collaborative and creative environment where people talk to each other and interact face-to-face.

Developing talent
Our strong mentorship programme and bi-annual performance reviews focus on helping each individual build their dream careers. Each team member has a dedicated mentor to guide them with professional development, and be the person to chat with when they have problems or concerns. At the same time, a mentor’s feedback helps to build a better company. We also believe in continuous learning, with on-the-job training, external training and internal training sessions conducted by colleagues. At Sinclair, everyone becomes part of the learning journey.

Team recognition
The agency’s success relies on everyone’s contribution and effort. We actively participate in industry awards, often nominating our colleagues to express our appreciation of their hard work. Last year I was delighted to see our Associate Director Kevin Lam named Hong Kong’s PR Star of 2015, an honour the whole team took great pride in celebrating. Internally, we nominate a Star of the Month, celebrating and recognising behind the scenes achievements.

Giving back
We give back to the community by offering our time and skills to charities we believe in. We’ve worked with a great number of organisations, with a focus on local causes, our commitment to which has seen us officially recognised as a Caring Company.

We’re in it together
After all, we’re a group of like-minded people working together, and there are definitely times when we spend more time with one other than with our own families! It’s important for us to have fun together, and bond outside of the office. We have monthly team building activities where we’ve done everything from art jamming to mahjong, and bubble football to Zentangle meditation. These activities bring people together in a different way.

As the company grows, my goal is to retain our unique family culture and team spirit. I’m very proud to have such an awesome team to make that happen with!

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We place great emphasis on the value of team work, believing that no single person can succeed on their own. Our team is our key asset.

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