Here’s how to manage the first week of your PR internship

20 May 2016
Holly Chan

It’s that time of the year – PR students are putting on their suits and heading to job interviews looking for the perfect internship opportunity. Sinclair Comms always welcomes ambitious newcomers. This is exactly the way I entered PR. I’d like to share what learned during my PR internship – a few things that will help you become part of your #teamawesome from week one!

Read the magazine shelf
I have to admit that one of the messiest places in the office is our magazine shelf (another one is my desk). To start, it is important to spend some time understanding the current media landscape in Hong Kong. Take a look at the shelf and pick a few that interest you and read them. Pay attention to who wrote the article, as they will be your future media friends. Reading only print publications is not enough today, so go online and read web titles. Also take the time to look at the Facebook and Instagram feeds of publications, so you can understand what is happening on their social media. Doing so will also offer insight into the ways online editors work compared to their print counterparts.

Ask questions
This is the quickest way to get to know your workplace. During the first few days of your internship, take the opportunity to have a coffee or lunch with your mentor. Start by asking the basic question: What should I wear to work? Which clients are you working with? You can also take the opportunity to ask for assignments. Do not just sit and wait to be allocated work – being proactive is the best way to build your internal reputation.

Bring a pen and a notebook
PR 101: be organised. Whether you are asked to a brainstorming meeting, sitting in on team training or meeting your manager, take a pen and a notebook everywhere and keep your own notes.

Don’t be surprised by paperwork
Tidying up the media database, creating PR clipping reports and translating PR materials are some of the tasks that will be assigned to you. It might not be the most interesting part of a PR internship, but these are some of the most important tasks of any PR campaigns. Learn from what you are doing by paying attention to the work you’ve been assigned. Once you are able to conquer these more mundane tasks, you’ll be ready for more challenges.

Good luck, and I hope to see you in the office soon!

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