Don’t go dark: Why it’s important to continue your social communications

16 Apr 2020
Jayson Chau

Quarantines, schooling online, work from home, empty malls and bars closed. This is the new reality for many, and sentiment as to how people feel about this is changing weekly – and differs from market to market and segment to segment.

Some organisations have decided to pause marketing and communications activities either out of fear of making a misstep or to reduce budgets. But is this the right strategy for your business survival and success?

The simple answer is no. Going dark means you are disengaging from your audiences at a time that they are looking for information, support and inspiration. The current situation doesn’t leave room for a passive response; in fact, it is crucial to be proactive in your audience engagement now more than ever. However, your strategy will need to be adapted in both tone and content to be relevant.

Allocate marketing budget and stay focused on engaging with followers and customers through online content and targeted advertising. This can convert into loyalty and perhaps even sales. We are currently seeing more people online and engaging with their friends and families and exploring brand activations.

For those of you that have gone dark during this time, my question to you is, would you rather risk a new approach or wait for miracles to happen? Take a minute to read the following and hear me out.

Your audience is online all the time

As more people are working from home, we rely on the Internet more than ever, even for basic needs. According to Linkedin’s latest research, the number of articles and engagements have increased by over 2,000% since February 2020. This is the time for us to proactively connect with customers online, as that’s where your audience is right now.

Your audience needs online services

Your customers’ spending behaviors have changed. People are not browsing malls as a pastime or popping into your favourite shop when they walk past. They are sitting on their couch, swiping their phones and spending cautiously. It is crucial for brands not only to move their marketplace online, but also to stand out from the millions of search results so that they can be found by customers. All you need is the right strategy to get you there.

Everything is tracked and precisely measured

Thanks to technology, every dollar you spend on online advertising is trackable. Whether your budget is going to Instagram to sell shoes on your website or directing users from Google to your homepage to generate leads for your sales team, all actions can be traced. With the right tools, you know what your exact ROAS (return on ad spend) is.

Don’t simply “boost your posts” for the sake of getting your content seen. Doing this will more than likely bring you nowhere. With defined business goals and wisely planned ad budgets, you can tailor your advertising plan with a strictly data-driven approach.

‘So what should I do now?’ you ask. The first step is to define what successful conversion for your business is. Once you know that, the steps are easy: ensure a smooth sales platform, create relevant content and maintain your online marketing budget.

We’ve got you covered

The good news is, we’ve got covered with digital solutions to get you traction during this difficult time. Send us an email to schedule a 20 minutes call with our digital team. Together, we will get through this.

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