A shift in the system: How audience trends are changing the PR game

27 Jul 2017
Holly Chan

Did you read or watch the news today? How did you access it? Did you switch on your TV or did you find it on your phone? According to a recently conducted survey, Hong Kongers spend on average almost two hours on social media a day. We do more than just tagging friends in memes and sharing cat videos though – social media is now a primary source of news consumption.

Our increasingly connected world has forever altered the way that people receive information, and in turn has necessarily changed the communications industry. Over the past few years, the media landscape in Hong Kong has also changed, with the closure of several high-profile print publications making way for an increasing number of video-led media platforms, as well as new free-to-air television stations and the penetration of over-the-top (OTT), or internet-led, channels.

With information now more accessible than ever before, a creative mindset is crucial for PR pros to tell their story to the right audience, at the right time, and on the right channel. An integrated approach is what brands and clients are looking for today, with increasing budget assigned to building strong influencer strategies with measurable outcomes. Trends that the industry has adopted include the creation of branded video storytelling and a so-called 360 influencer strategy, such as live broadcasts that showcase an immersive brand experience to gain earned coverage and organic reach, creating opportunities to achieve real business goals.

Last year, Tourism Australia became the first tourism board in Hong Kong to use virtual reality to inspire travellers. Set up in prominent locations in Central, Wan Chai, Sai Kung and Causeway Bay, consumers were invited to a nomadic, experiential showroom with a VR headset to explore 360-degree views of Australia. The campaign went into Hong Kong’s neighborhoods to talk directly to potential travellers, using 19 VR videos and 360-degree mobile technology with content that was created specifically for potential travellers from Hong Kong. The campaign successfully attracted more than 2,000 Hong Kongers to participate and explore destinations within Australia using the VR technology. (To see some of these 360-degree videos, head here.)

Clever PR minds have the power to make news happen. But with content more accessible than ever before, we must start thinking outside the box to capture the right audience, in the right way. Otherwise, your viewers can easily switch to a different box!

Audiences have more agency than ever before. Think outside the box to capture the right type of attention

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