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Going online: How to ensure a successful virtual brand event

The pandemic has presented many barriers in personal and work situations, including the planning and execution of physical events, resulting in a shift to virtual events. This article looks at how brands can execute virtual events successfully.

Vivian Tsang · 20 Jan 2021

Five top tips for successful story pitching

A great way to enhance your client’s visibility and ultimately expand their client base is by winning press coverage. But you can’t just write a press release and expect journalists to come knocking at your door.

Nikki McLucas Sinclair Nikki McLucas · 15 Sep 2020
We influence careers

We influence careers

As a business that relies on having a talented team, a successful PR agency is one that attracts and retains the right people.

Kiri Sinclair · 27 Oct 2017

On the frontline: A Hong Kong PR internship at Sinclair

Francisca Geitner reflects on eight fast-paced months as part of #TeamAwesome, a dream gig for a Hong Kong PR intern.

Sinclair · 12 May 2017
PR Marketing Awards

Sinclair Comms brings home the gold

It’s been an eventful 2016 for Sinclair, from winning industry awards to expanding into Mainland China with a dedicated Shanghai office and team. Founder and Managing Director Kiri Sinclair reflects on the independent PR agency’s key achievements.

Kiri Sinclair · 3 Oct 2016
Joni Mitchell

Both sides now: Making the leap from journalism to PR

What’s it like crossing over into public relations as a journalist? Adrian Lo has made the leap, and reveals more

Adrian Lo - Sinclair Adrian Lo · 23 Sep 2016

4 things to know before your PR internship

Former intern Sam Yeung shares his four insider tips on how to make the most of your PR internship.

Sinclair · 13 Jul 2016
Laptop user

Here’s how to manage the first week of your PR internship

The first week in a new office can be pretty daunting. Here’s how to make the most of your first week as a PR intern, and learn a thing or two along the way

Holly Chan - Sinclair Holly Chan · 20 May 2016
Putting people first: Sinclair's values and culture

Putting people first: Sinclair’s values and culture

Leona Ng reflects on what she loves about working in Sinclair’s team-first environment

Sinclair · 4 May 2016
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