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Will AI take my job? Why PR and communication professionals should embrace AI

Discover how AI can enhance PR work (within its limitations). Embrace this tech to optimise your time and resources as a PR professional.

Nikki McLucas · 24 Mar 2023
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13 Years of Gratitude

Sinclair celebrates its 13th Anniversary with gratitude. Founder and CEO Kiri Sinclair asks the team to share what they are grateful for.

Kiri Sinclair · 17 Jun 2022

Sinclair’s Roaring Lions

Becoming the Hong Kong Cannes Young Lions winners was a testament to our hard work and dedication to creating an out-of-the-box idea that targets issues in a unique way.

Burton Leung · 26 Jul 2021
Sinclair We influence for good

We influence for good

We actively seek and select projects dedicated to building a better future in the communities in which we live, work and play.

Kiri Sinclair · 3 Nov 2017
We influence careers

We influence careers

As a business that relies on having a talented team, a successful PR agency is one that attracts and retains the right people.

Kiri Sinclair · 27 Oct 2017
We influence the story

We influence the story

Along with a flair for media and influencer engagement, we have a passion for building market relevant brand narratives. This is how we influence the story.

Kevin Lam · 20 Oct 2017
We influence across industry

We influence across industries

At Sinclair, our expert team of strategists work across industry with one goal in mind: to create business impact through persuasive storytelling.

Kevin Lam · 12 Oct 2017
Sinclair We Influence Through Partnership

We influence through partnerships

At Sinclair, we invest in a brand’s below-the-line strategy to build reputation, trust and loyalty.

Kevin Lam · 27 Sep 2017

We influence outcomes

PR is one of the surest ways to strengthen brand perception and change perspectives. This is how we influence outcomes.

Kiri Sinclair · 21 Sep 2017
Sinclair x Yaki Man We Influence Creatively

We influence creatively

As an integrated communications agency, the team at Sinclair understand that creativity is the cornerstone that creates impact.

Kevin Lam · 14 Sep 2017
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