Tag: Thought Leadership

Looking back: PR lessons learned from 2016

Holly Chan shares memorable moments and highlights from PR in 2016, as well as some valuable lessons she’ll be taking to 2017

Holly Chan - Sinclair Holly Chan · 9 Jan 2017

What is native advertising, and why does it matter in PR?

Kevin Lam discusses how PR professionals can leverage native advertising in content-led campaigns, and why they should

Kevin Lam - Sinclair Kevin Lam · 27 Jul 2016

Shifting outcomes: Why just media coverage is not enough

The goalposts have shifted when we think about outcomes and KPIs. Kevin Lam discusses

Kevin Lam - Sinclair Kevin Lam · 22 Feb 2016

The changing face of PR: 10 trends on the agenda in 2016

The business landscape is ever-changing, and with it the way we consume messages through the media and digital sphere. Kiri Sinclair, Founder and Managing Director of Sinclair, looks at the top trends on the PR agenda for 2016.

Kiri Sinclair Hong Kong - Founder & CEO Kiri Sinclair · 29 Jan 2016
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