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Sinclair x Yaki Man We Influence Creatively

We influence creatively

As an integrated communications agency, the team at Sinclair understand that creativity is the cornerstone that creates impact.

Kevin Lam · 14 Sep 2017
We Influence Strategically

We influence strategically

At Sinclair, we influence through a strategic approach to integrated public relations that is focused on organisational or business objectives.

Kiri Sinclair · 7 Sep 2017
Juggling act: 3 tips for effective multitasking

Juggling act: 3 tips for effective multitasking

No matter your field, it always pays to know how to multitask. Candice Leung shares her tops tips

Sinclair · 10 Aug 2017

The importance of being appropriate in any setting

From the way you dress to what you say and how you say it, a PR always needs to make sure their actions suit the occasion. Adrian Lo explains

Adrian Lo · 4 Aug 2017

A shift in the system: How audience trends are changing the PR game

Audiences now wield more power than ever before. Holly Chan discusses what that means for a PR pro.

Holly Chan · 27 Jul 2017
Young woman surrounded by limestone cliffs

Why it pays to always be curious

As the PR industry evolves into the new mobile and digital reality, the skill set of PR and communications professionals is being revisited. But the one thing that will never change is the need to be curious.

Kiri Sinclair · 16 Jun 2017

The art of effective emailing

It’s something we do every single day, but there’s definitely a right way to do it. Daniella Lopez guides us through the art of effective emailing.

Sinclair · 1 Jun 2017

The friendzone: Why genuine media relationships matter

Journalist-turned-PR pro Nik Addams has a few tips for maintaining real and lasting relationships with media contacts

Nik Addams · 25 May 2017
Express yourself: The art of storytelling

Express yourself: The art of storytelling

Janet Chan shares her tips on how to tell an effective story – and why it matters

Janet Chan · 16 May 2017

Hitting the target: Telling the right story to the right audience

A PR campaign won’t be effective if you don’t hit the right target, even if you have the most wonderfully creative ideas and an endless budget. Ridley Cheung explains

Sinclair · 5 May 2017
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