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How to prepare for a press trip

If you have the budget, a press trip can be the best way to engage media with what your client has to offer. Pleasant company, in-person interaction with key spokespeople and a visceral experience of a concept are, perhaps unsurprisingly, some of the best ways to get the message across. Of course, nothing in life […]

Eleanor Porter · 5 Jun 2017

The art of effective emailing

It’s something we do every single day, but there’s definitely a right way to do it. Daniella Lopez guides us through the art of effective emailing.

Sinclair · 1 Jun 2017

The friendzone: Why genuine media relationships matter

Journalist-turned-PR pro Nik Addams has a few tips for maintaining real and lasting relationships with media contacts

Nik Addams · 25 May 2017
Express yourself: The art of storytelling

Express yourself: The art of storytelling

Janet Chan shares her tips on how to tell an effective story – and why it matters

Janet Chan · 16 May 2017

A thousand words: The power of images

There’s no better way to tell a story than with effective imagery. Sai Roshini Daswani shares her insight into the power of visual content.

Sai Roshini Daswani · 9 May 2017

Hitting the target: Telling the right story to the right audience

A PR campaign won’t be effective if you don’t hit the right target, even if you have the most wonderfully creative ideas and an endless budget. Ridley Cheung explains

Sinclair · 5 May 2017

Weaving the web: How to network like a pro

There’s never a bad time to network. Snowy Tang shares her top tips on how to make the most of any encounter

Sinclair · 26 Apr 2017

Building blocks: What are content pillars, and why do they matter?

In a content marketing campaign, quality always trumps quantity. Kay Tsoi outlines the key things you need to keep in mind when building content pillars for your brand

Kay Tsoi · 21 Apr 2017

Cutting through: Creating a content campaign with a rational and emotional appeal

Rise above the noise by pulling at the heartstrings. Jackie Dunn explains the power of emotions in a content marketing campaign

Sinclair · 13 Apr 2017

Prepare for the worst in uncertain 2017 with a crisis plan

The only certainty in our increasingly complex and interconnected world is uncertainty. Anticipate the worst and have a crisis plan ready – with digital included. Matt Brady explains

Sinclair · 3 Apr 2017
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